Day 6: Boppin’ through Bergen

Today was for getting to know Bergen. We started with a walking tour of the city. That took most of the morning. We walked down to the old part of the city, Bryggen. This is a World Heritage site for the centuries-old wooden seaport buildings. We then went to the Rosenkrantz castle, which afforded beautiful views from the top of the harbor and city.

Lunch was at the fish market, which has fresh fish, including whale, prepared any number of ways. The afternoon was dedicated to my wife’s favorite activity: laundry (also a favorite of Joan Brady if I recall corectly). In a bold experiment, we both brought only weekend-sized suitcases, so we knew we’d have to do laundry about half way in. We had found a flyer for a laundry mat at the Information center, so we hauled our laundry there. The proprietor was very nice, helping us figure out the machines. Now we can wear clean clothes for the whole trip! Somehow the laundry mat wasn’t listed in Foursquare. You better believe I fixed that.

When walking back to the hotel with our laundry, we saw activity at the 22 July memorial. City personnel were gathering up flowers, cards and candles in boxes. They put a sign up to explain what they were doing, and acted in a careful and respectful manner. The sign indicated they would be saved for some sort of permanent remembrance. We later saw that they did this to reduce the size of the memorial.

We went to 2 art museums, more Munch, with a Picasso and others thrown in.

We chose a Vietnamese restaurant for dinner, it was away from the beaten path, less touristy and with delicious food. On the way to dinner, we saw a gathering in a nearby park. It was a car show, of ’60s era US cars. A funny site for us to come across in Norway.

We found some ice cream and sat out by the water for a little while. It doesn’t get dark here until almost 11.






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