Day 2: Busy Tourist Day

We got a decent night’s sleep for a first night after traveling. The hotel features a fabulous breakfast, including breads, smoked salmon, meats, cheese, eggs, fruit, etc. A great way to start the day.

We have only two full days in Oslo, so we packed the day with as many sights as we could. And having purchased the Oslo Card, we didn’t feel bad if we didn’t spend too long in a place that required admission.

We started at City Hall. Twin brick towers built in the 30’s, it isn’t much to see from the outside. But the inside was fabulous. Most importantly, it is the location where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded. We joined an English-language tour, that gave the stories behind wonderful murals and tapestries that tell the history of Norway. City Hall was the highlight of the day.

We then visited the Nobel Peace Center, a museum next to City Hall. It was a museum with an agenda, delivered not so subtlely. We didn’t love it.

We then walked east to the old city. We went into the museum of the Norwegian Resistance, telling the story of the Nazi occupation. Next we visited the Norwegian Castle, where we got to see a lot of rooms, tapestries, etc. Not as ornate as others we have seen, but worth the time.

We then took a tram to Vigeland Park, filled with over 200 bronze statues from the artist Gustav Vigeland. The statues feature all human states and emotions. It was a beautiful, sunny day, about 77 degrees, and the park was full of sunbathers.

We went back on the tram to our hotel. We got off the tram, and happened upon the National Art Museum. We spent a good 20 minutes inside (the museum was about to close), but we saw Munch paintings including scream and impressionist and Van Gogh works.

We rested briefly back at the hotel, then walked to visit the Royal Palace grounds on the way to dinner.

Dinner was at a restaurant called Dinner, an Asian place that was excellent. We had spring rolls, Chilean sea bass and pang pang beef. Delicious.

We stopped by the Parliament building on the way back to the hotel. Like almost everywhere in Oslo now, there were flowers and candles at the gate. Notes are also common. I happened to see one from the British Embassy, expressing official sympathy.

Tomorrow will also be busy, the Munch Museum, Folk Museum and Viking ships. Except for outrageously expensive food and drink here and a little too much sun for me today, the trip is going wonderfully so far.






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