Final thoughts

We had a great time in Spain. First, our weather was perfect. Sun and highs in the 70’s every day, not even a sprinkle of rain until the last night.

Our hotel was terrific for us, a nice, clean, quiet room, only 7 rooms in the whole hotel. Breakfast included, a tremendous location for walking or hopping on the metro. We found it easy to navigate the city, mostly by foot, but we did busses, metro and the rapid rail to Toledo.

Spaniards were pleasant, although not what I would call friendly. We had no language problems, and got everything we wanted, but service was indifferent at most restaurants at least. When we needed help though, everyone was kind, from the restaurant staff to the police to the hotel owner. And we can’t say enough about the staff at the U.S. Consulate, they were caring, concerned and efficient.

Just from our wanders, it seemed the Spanish like music, books, food and playing the lottery. You were never far from one of those 4 things.  Oh, and one more thing they really love? Pork! Everywhere you went you saw these huge pork legs, hoof included.  Had never seen this anywhere else!

Technologically, I’m really happy with my equipment choices. The iPad2 is so light, and it easily handles 99% of what I like to do when I travel. It was easy with Apple’s attachment to move pictures from an SD card to the iPad. The WordPress app made it easy to blog. Only thing I would like is the ability to label pictures from within the app. I LOVE the Kindle multi-platform apps, which let me read Tina Fey’s “Bossypants” in the hotel on my iPad or on the go with my iPod Touch. But you know what? Not having a cell phone/Internet connection with you all the time? Not such a bad thing.

As always, Ellen was a great travel partner. Her planning always pays off, and while we make fun of her for her love of guidebooks, they make sure with limited time you make good decisions for where to stay, what to see and where to eat. We have learned to deal with the rare times when one of us might get a bit cranky. Foreign travel brings delights but also frustrations, you have to power through sometimes.

Now almost home, can’t wait for our next trip, this summer’s visit to Norway and Iceland.


2 responses to “Final thoughts

  • Tracy Rotton

    Welcome back! Glad you had a good time.

  • Lahne

    Your trip sounds awesome – you and Ellen should use those pics that you took outside the palace (at least I think that’s where they were) as your pics on FB – glad you had a good time and welcome home!

    Tell Ellen I make a mean seafood paella, I will share the recipe – time consuming yet easy!

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