Day 5: New Passports

We had doubts about making our 11am flight since we needed to get to the Embassy to get new passports. We had gotten information that the Consulate opened either at 8:30 or 9. We got there a little before 8. We were able to go right in, and started the multi-step process. We filled out new applications for passports first. At 8:30 the cashier opened so we were able to pay for the passports. A little after 9, we spoke with the Consular and she approved our applications. At 9:30, we had passports in hand. Ellen flagged down a cab while I retrieved our luggage. We asked the driver to get us to the aeropuerto “rapido, rapido.”. It took less then 10 minutes to arrive at the terminal. The Aer Lingus counter was a few hundred yards away, I yelled over my shoulder I was making a run for it, and took off. There was no line, we were able to check in and check our luggage.

Now that we made it, we had one more important task: to cancel a reservation we had made at the airport Hilton because we hadn’t expected to make our flight. There was an Internet terminal with 15 minute access for €1. Seemed perfect, I could sign into Hilton’s website, retrieve the reservation, but the click on cancel didn’t work. Went through the whole process 3 times, same thing. Decided we better go through security (again no line) and passport control. Didn’t find a working phone or Internet kiosk. Kind of important, not canceling would cost us €185. While I remained frustrated, Ellen took my iPad, navigated a paid wifi hotspot that was all in Spanish, where I was then able to cancel the reservation and send an email to family relaying that we were able to make our original flight.

We board, we breath deeply, and we head home.


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