I’ve never been to Spain…

Probably many of you unfamiliar with the Three Dog Night song, but thought it might be the right way to begin the blogging for the mini-vacation we begin tomorrow.

We are taking advantage of Ellen’s spring break to make a quick trip to Madrid.  The idea came about around Thanksgiving when Ellen wanted to go somewhere during her break.  She first suggested London. I loved the idea of the trip, but we’ve been to London.  I wanted to go somewhere where I hadn’t been before (this is harder to do with Ellen, she traveled extensively with her family).  So I suggested Madrid. Ellen didn’t hesitate, and was off to planning the trip.

So we leave tomorrow for 5 days. We are staying at a small hotel in Madrid.  We will spend 2 full days in the city, and take a day trip to Toledo.

Technologically, this will be a great experiment for me. As the owner of a brand new iPad2, I’ve decided to make it my blogging tool of choice. I moved my existing Blogger travel blog to WordPress, because they have an iPad app. Ellen owns the SD card connector, so I should be able to move pictures over from my camera. We have WiFi at the hotel. What could go wrong? 🙂

So for 5 days I will enchant you with stories from Spain. Looking forward to the trip, any tips or suggestions those who have visited Madrid might have, and comments on our traveling adventures.

So buen viaje, off we go tomorrow night at 5:51pm from Dulles.


One response to “I’ve never been to Spain…

  • Tracy Rotton

    You’re going to have a great time. I’ve been to Madrid several times and love it. I hope you’ll find the time to take a day trip to Toledo. Lots of terrific history and beautiful architecture.

    Have fun!

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