>Day 6: Luzern


We got started today with a walking tour of Luzern. Like so many European cities, it is divided by water, with many bridges. Two of the bridges here are wooden, dating back to the 1300’s. One unfortunately caught fire in the 90’s and has been rebuilt. They both feature paintings mounted above the walkways. One bridge told the history of the city. The other had skeletons in each painting reminding you that we are all going to die. Cheery!
Ellen lunched at a department store eatery, where we could sit on the roof. It was another hot day, temperatures around 90. We then decided that a pedal boat ride might be fun and rented one on Lake Luzern for ½ an hour. It was tremendous fun, nice views of the city and other boats, with wind coming off the water.
In the afternoon we went to the Rosengart Museum, which has a large permanent exhibit of Picasso paintings and sketches. It also featured some impressionist works, and we both enjoyed it.
It rained before dinner, so we ate our first meal inside a restaurant since we got here. We ate at the Fondue House, with Ellen having cheese and potatoes fondue, and I being a non-cheese lover, had soup and salad.
The rain cooled things off for a bit, so we walked along the water after dinner, but the heat and humidity soon came back.
Tomorrow we are off to Zermatt where the high is only to be in the 50’s. The weather might be iffy, but we are determined to see the Matterhorn, or as much of it as the weather will allow.

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