>Day 10: Chalon

We don’t have sights like this do we? Just a few blocks from where the ship docked, we just walked into this square and drank it in.

We had not chosen the optional tour to Cluny this morning, so we cruised this morning immediately following breakfast. We went up on the deck and watched the countryside go by, on a beautiful day around 75 degrees with the breeze from the ship and just a few clouds in the sky. It was relaxing and breathtaking.

We got to Chalon just before noon, and decided to walk the town and just grab something, like maybe a baguette for lunch. Chalon is a small town of around 70,000, the kind of place in France where all the shops close for lunch. So hard to imagine closing a store from noon to 2 or 3pm every day, isn’t it?

We walked across a bride to an island in the Saone where there are many restaurants Ellen found in the Michelin guide. Several will do, so we’ll see what we are in the mood for.

We have a tour this afternoon to a wine tasting in Burgundy and countryside viewing by bus. With our luggage needing to be in the hall by 5:15am and our transport to the Lyon airport at 5:45am, we haven’t yet decided wheter to stay up late or go to bed early. Either way, it will be a long way home tomorrow.


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