>Day 9 AM: Lyon city tour


Day 9 had us still in Lyon. This morning Viking took us on a city tour via bus. We had done most of Lyon by foot yesterday, but saved the basilica to the Virgin Mary, as it is at the top of a very high hill in Old Lyon. The church seems brand spanking new by European standards, built only in the late 1800’s. It is “overdone” on the inside, in an attempt to compete with other churches, there is a lot of everything in terms of decorations inside.

Also on the top of the hill is a metal structure that looks very much like the Eiffel Tower….but much shorter.

After a little more sighseeing by bus, we had the option of getting out and walking. We took that option. The weather in Lyon has been very pleasant, highs in the 70’s, so it felt good to walk, get a baguette and arrive back at the ship before the hordes arrived and slowed the WiFi to a halt.

This afternoon we will be cruising, so I will try to add a post that talks about the logistics of the ship, the food onboard, etc. while cruising up the Saone.


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