>Day 8 PM Edition: Lyon


We returned to our favorite way of traveling, exploring a city on our own. We arrived in Lyon at 3:30 and were among the first off the ship. We had a map from the ship and pages from Rick Steves in hand, and that’s all we needed.

We walked over a Rhone bridge, to the island of Presqu’ile, which has great open squares, shopping and restaurants. We continued then over the Saone river to the old city of Lyon. We visited the St. Jean church, walked along the streets, then returned to Presqu’ile. There we visited a silk shop that still paints silk through screens by hand (just like we did at Woodward to make show t-shirts!). Ellen bought a scarf there.

We selected a restaurant out of Rick Steves, Le Bouchon Aux Vins and had an absolutely delicious meal. Ellen had sausage appetizer and chicken, I had steak with potatoes and broiled tomato. We had a chocolate mousse for dessert. With wine and dessert, only 62 euros. It was getting dark as we walked home, and the city came to light, something it is famous for.


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