>Day 8 Morning Edition: Vienne

We woke up this morning docked in Vienne. It is a town of just 60,000 along the Rhone. Once a major city and bishop seat, it is now a stopover along the highway between Lyon and Avignon.

We went on the guided tour, specifically requesting Christian, the same guide we had yesterday because we like him so much. The history of the city is heavy on Romans, with a forum still in tact and an amphitheater seating 13,000 in continuous use for 2000 years. Even many of the houses were built incorporating Roman pillars and arches.

We had awhile on our own, which was nice but not much to do. Having a bad hair day even after showering, I looked to get a haircut, but the several salons were already booked. I did get (Rebecca, thanks for noticing) a baguette later in the morning. Just too hard to resist, and with so much walking, not much of a risk. We stopped in a grocery store, as Ellen wanted to supplement the ship’s lunch with cheese and crackers. We had to be back on the ship by 12:15, as we set sail for Lyon. Ship lunch featured spaghetti for the first time, and was quite good.

Now a few hours to relax and read before arriving in Lyon. I am getting close to finishing Katharine Graham’s “Personal History” that I started 4 years ago. Seems like good history to know now. I just made it to the Pentagon Papers and Watergate era, things are just getting good!


2 responses to “>Day 8 Morning Edition: Vienne

  • Anonymous

    >Sounds like you're having a great time.Got a message on Facebook from Andrea.Sounds like she's enjoying herself also.Awaiting the next exciting installment.Love,Mom

  • Rebecca

    >A few notes ….1. Are the lunches on the ship not so good, or do you just prefer being a locavore? 2. "Several salons were already booked." What's next, the beauty parlors also all were tied up?! I always saw you as more of a barbershop guy. 3. Being a huge foodie, can we hear more about the meals you are eating (yes, yes, the baguettes are incredible)? I imagine some of the food is fantastic, given where you are :-)4. I started the same book three years ago and literally never finished the last 50 pages. It's been gathering dust on my nightstand for ages. Perhaps you'll inspire me to finish it already …

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