>Chocolate, Wine & Mustard

>Not all at the same time at least!

The morning today was just cruising, from Viviers to Tournon. So we ate breakfast and then moved to the lounge. 10:00am featured a French lesson. I tried, but words from Debbie Sadugar, who I studied with in Israel in 1981 kept ringing in my ears—“my mouth doesn’t go that way.”

We arrived in Tournon just after lunch. Ellen and I went for a quick walk through town (and I picked up a baguette). We returned to the ship to go on today’s shore excursion. First stop was the Valrhona chocolate shop. They gave us free samples and everything, but it was just visiting a chocolate shop.

Next we were off to the Domaine Du Murinais winery. The family has been growers for 7 generations, but just this generation decided to become wine makers. Enjoyed the visit and tasting here much more than the more commercial one a few days ago. Finally have some idea what to do when tasting, but still completely confused by the varieties, regions and complexities of French wine. Felt better when the guide told us that the French have made things much more complicated than they need to and what they really need is better marketing. Finally, a place where I can help!

Last stop of the excursion was the Museum Pierre Palue. Cute little museum run by his daughter, but not much of an attraction.

Back on the ship, the highlight of the evening was a Mustard lecture. Since we are entering Burgundy, whose capital is Dijon, we got a history lesson and understanding of how mustard is grown and produced. Luckily I was paying attention to the 10 page PowerPoint presentation, as I twice needed to recite to interested but non-attending passengers what was covered in the lecture. I found it interesting, but heck, I like mustard. Ellen hates mustard, and skipped the lecture.

We ended the evening watching the shore go by up on the upper deck.


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