>Day 6 Addendum: Cannonballs, Roots and Nuns

“Cannonballs, roots and nuns–this is a dangerous place” tour guide Frances

I was slightly premature in posting my day 6 summary, as I forgot that we had a quick town trip planned. We docked in Viviers at 10:30pm, were met by tourguides, and set out on foot for a quick tour. The village has a small lower town and then uphill, the home of the bishop and 53 residents, including 23 nuns. The moon was full and tremendously bright, as shown in this photo.

The walk was almost enirely in the dark, with a flashlight used to guide us. One narrow street had a cannonball cemented at the top to keep cars from driving down. Tree roots were pointed out to us to avoid tripping. And we were told one of the nuns had recently gotten her driver’s license….but hadn’t learned how to brake. Thus our warning about cannonballs, roots and nuns was completely for our safety.

We got back to the ship at 11:30pm. Probably the highlight of the day was not being near enough to media to be overwhelmed by the Michael Jackson funeral. I’m okay with this big news event happening while I was gone.


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